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James C. Reavis
James C. Reavis


James C. Reavis


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Gainesville, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Galen Becker Reavis
Homepage: on Facebook
Occupation: Minister
Children: Jim=wife Amy=two girls Lydia 16 Becka 18
Matt=wife Giuliana=Elijah 16 Ale 13 Moses 4
Jessica=husband More…Warren=Paxton 8 Charleston 7 Harrison 3
Military Service: Army=2 years Vietnam  

traveling to many countries on mission trips building churches, homes.
Appalachian State 62-67 slow learner,lettered soccer, swim, track. Served US Army 67-70, Moved Georgia 72, established Stone Mountain soccer program after 5 yrs. turned program over to others, active in soccer until age 60 with to many injuries changed to golf, management Edwards Baking Co 11 yrs., Pillsbury/General Mills 12 yrs., Nisshimbo Automotive 3 yrs., 92 remarried, 2002 answered call into ministry and still active in pastoral care into hospitals and assisted care facilities and home.

School Story:

funny at the time=Reid Warren and Bubba Brockwell in practice were running around end in a full contact drill, as a linebacker I had enough steam to knock down both which likely was my best hit ever; to which coach Shirley Red Wilson said "why don't you do that in a game". We all had a laugh.
Mrs McDermot class of 4 years of Latin reading and speaking Latin.

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