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Dallace McLennan

Dallace McLennan

Dallace McClennan was born May 16, 1944 to Winston Salem attorney Dallace McClennan, Sr.  (1905 -1965) and Margaret Vick McClennan  (1909- 1999).  He originally lived on Avalon Road near the Shaffners.  Bob Shaffner remembers their good times at the McClennan house where the McClennans' had one of the first televisions around, and he and John would go over to their home to watch Howdy Doody and all the good ole' shows of the time with them. Later, the McClennan family moved to Robinhood Road across from Tom Fowler's.  I think Dallace went to Summit School for all or part of his elementary school years then graduated with us in 1962 from Reynolds.  Dallace was quiet and shy but a very nice and gentle person.  Sadly, he had medical issues most of his life, but we don't know much about the details.  Suffice it to say, however, that on September 14th, 1977, Dallace passed away much too early in life at young age of  thirty three.  He was buried at Forsyth Memorial Park.   

   Dallace was preceded in death by his father, Dallace McClennan, Sr..  He was survived by his mother, Margaret Vick McClennan who later passed away in 1999.  He was also survived by two uncles, Thomas Vick, Jr. and Harold Vick.  Other survivors include cousins, Harold Vick, Jr. of Thousand Oaks, California, and Brad Vick of Winston Salem, NC,  Jane Robinson of Boone, NC and Susan Vick of  Maynard, Maryland.  

   We send our belated but sincere condolences to the McClennan/Vick family and our blessings to our classmate, Dallace McClennon.  May Dallace rest in peace for all eternity wrapped in the arms of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  

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Danny T. Ferguson

I am not sure when Dallace died but I remember him way back in the first grade.  I know he was the son of a prominent attorney Dallace McLennon, Sr. and Margaret Vick McLennon and he lived on Avalon Avenue. Back then, Bob Shaffner recalls that the McLennan's were the first around to have a television and Bob and  John used to go over there and watch Howdy Doody and all those great old shows.   Later, as I recall, the McClennons moved to a larger house on Robinhood sort of across from Tom Fowler's house. 

   I only recall that Dallace was very quiet and shy, but still a nice, gentle soul,  I think he had some serous medical issue, heart problems i think.   If anyone knows more about Dallace, please let me know at

   Let me say that the RJR62 class extends its deepest condolences to Dallace and his family and that Dallace will always be remembered.   We pray that Dallace rests in peace.  

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