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Jerry M. Long

Jerry M. Long

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03/14/23 11:04 AM #1    

Danny T. Ferguson

   I am saddened to  report that Jerry Long, my long-time friend and our RJR62 Classmate has  passed away.  I don't know all of the details but suffice it to say that mine and Jerry's old friend, Curt Whisenhunt called me a short while ago and told me that Jerry's daughter had called to say that Jerry had passed away.  Curt wasn't given any details.  I saw Jerry's brother's Larry Long"s post on facebook confirming Jerry's death along with many, many comments from Jerry's friends expressiong their great sadness.  

     Jerry, I think, passed a way on March 9th, leaving a loving and devoted wife, Julie, along with two daughters, Ashley and Allison, plus his brother, Larry and a sister. Jerry was a devoted family man and was very successful in his endeavors the building business for most of his life.

    Jerry and I were best of friends, particularly in high school.  We met in the  8th grade and played Junior High and JV football together. He called me "little red shirt" since for a while we had to bring our own jersy and the only color I had was red.  For a while, we, along with Tommy Lockard, Bill Todd, Danny Armstrong and Curt Whisenhunt  all did everything together, including driving around the Triangle for maybe a million times, going ot the ocean Drive, smoking in the bushes, sneaking out at night, drinking Budweiser, driving fast, and all those things we at our age now have admonished our children not to do.  Despite it all, we had a good time and I cherish the memory of Jerry and will always consider him a good friend.

   We send out our deepest condolences to Jerry's family and we  pray that  our friend, Jerry Michael Long, rests in peace.  

    I will post more when I receive it.


                                           Danny Ferguson 



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