In Memory

Robert C. Harper

Robert C. Harper

Dear Classmates,    Although our information is somewhat sketchy, it appears from all available sources that our classmate, Robert C. Harper passed away in November of 2022.   According to his friend and our classmate,William "Bill" Cooper, Robert Harper and his wife Clovis previously lived in Marietta, Georgia and thereafter  moved to Pensacola, Florida. Robert  died in 2022 in nearby Escambia, Florida.  Robert's wife, Clovis, has also passed away, apparently dying in July of 2023 in Cartersville, Georgia.  They had a daughter named Melina, who had a Cartersvile, Ga. address, but  classmate Bill Cooper  was unable to connect with her.

   I (Danny Ferguson) was a facebook friend with Robert, but the only communications I show were birthday greetings for several years.   Robert  worked at Alcatel-Lucent as a contract manager at Lucent Tech. He went to college at Georgia State University. In reviewing Robert's facebook page, clearly, he was was well thought of by his friends and was an avid patriot and a strong support of the national defense of our great country.    

   On November 11, 2022,  Steve Baughman, a facebook friend of Robert's wrote:  "I have lost a lot of people in my life this past year or so and this one hurts. Robert was a friend of my family for my whole life. He might as well have been family. Rest in peace, Bob!  Prayers for his wife, Clovis and daughter Melina and family  . . .   It's a special friendship that lasted fifty plus years.

The RJR62 Class sends out our thoughts and prayers to Robert's family and friends, and we  pray that Robert and Clovis rest in peace.

We extend a special thanks to Bill Cooper for informing us of   Robert's passing and providing us with the information that we have.  Also, we  invite anyone who can add to this information about Robert and Clovis Harper to email me at

                                  Respectfully submitted,

                                    Danny Ferguson  RJR62