To: 1962 RJR Classmates

From: Cam Dize Matthews, Reunion Chair  973.222.3024

Based on your overwhelming requests for another reunion (even though, according to our good friend Danny Ferguson, we are older than dirt)  we are planning a 60th Class reunion.  The dates are:

October 6-7, 2022

The main event will be Friday night, the 7th.  We are planning to do a repeat of the fabulous event we had for the 55th:

3:00  Gather outside at 404 Swan Drive next to Cam's family's lake.

4:30 or so  An early but delicious dinner.

Stay as long as you like.


We picked Thursday and Friday as days for our reunion because hotel rates are cheaper and it will not interfere in any other weekend plans you may have. If you plan to stay in a hotel, we recommend one of 3 hotels downtown:  There is no official hotel this year although we may stock a hospitality suite at the Marriott Bonvoy if folks want it.  

Hotel Options:

  • Mariott Bonvoy, 425 Cherry Street, 27101  336-725-3500 (near Benton Convention Center)  Identify yourself as a member of the RJ Reynolds Class of 62 for the special $149 rate.  We are holding 10 rooms at this hotel.
  • Marriott Courtyard,  640 W. 4th Street, 27101 336-917-3038 (next to Foothills Brewery)
  • Indigo, 104 4th Street, 27101 336-722-0720 (corner of Liberty and 4th)

To complete our planning we need some information from you:

1.  Update your contact information on the website- RJReynolds1962.net

2.  Please fill out the survey that follows to indicate whether you plan to attend.

We will send more specific information about registration and costs later.




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1)   * Do you plan to come to the reunion afternoon/dinner on Friday night?

2)   If you plan to attend on Friday evening, how many guests (including yourself) should we expect?

3)   Let us know what dates work for you?

  Friday only
  Thursday and Friday
  Sorry I will miss this reunion
4)   If you plan to come on Thursday too, Would you like us to plan something for everyone on Thursday night?

  No, I want to make my own plans
  Yes, I want to have a central place to meet most attendees.
5)   Any other comments or questions? cdmatthews44@gmailcom